Press Release: Taylor, Mystic Bones

February 20, 2007

jacket image In a December 2006 New York Times editorial (which we reprinted online), Mark C. Taylor wrote that his current manner of thinking and teaching “cultivate[s] a faith in doubt that calls into question every certainty.” This philosophy is on elegant display in Taylor’s newest book, Mystic Bones. By combining images of weathered bones with philosophical aphorisms, Taylor refigures death in a way that allows life to be seen anew. These haunting photographs speak to themes of ruin, mortality, and ritual, and to a theology based on immanence rather than transcendence. At once a fine art book of great originality and a profound spiritual meditation, Mystic Bones is Taylor’s most personal statement yet of after-God theology.
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One Response to Press Release: Taylor, Mystic Bones

  1. Nofmeister on August 16, 2007 at 3:13 pmi

    This movie really hit a chord with me. I work at a computer helpdesk, and while much of my day I spend doing “real” helpdesk assisting, there is always a portion of a day that I spend with a user that is at the level of the book reader. So much of it seems to be common sense with most computer users, while the newbies struggle.
    Did mideval book readers have the same “user training” problems as the books came into circulation? Maybe. I’m almost 40 years old now, and I’m reminded of the time, when I was a young teenager, reading a thank you card to an 80 year old woman because she was not literate at all.

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