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November 23, 2009

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Attention all holiday shoppers, our annual sale catalog—featuring hundreds of general interest, scholarly, and award-winning books at up to 85% off—can now be accessed online. To take advantage of the discounts, browse our online catalog to find the book you want, and then use the promo code AD9256 when you check out through our secure shopping cart. (You can find more detailed instructions on our website.)
To get you started, here’s a list of some of our staff picks for some great savings on gift books this holiday season:

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During the Renaissance, the Italian city of Urbino rivaled Florence and Siena as a center of art, culture, and commerce. Chances are you’ve never heard of it—but you should have. Raphael was born there. Piero della Francesca painted his famous The Flagellation there. And the city’s exquisite Ducal Palace, its twin towers piercing the sky, remains a striking monument to grace and power. Yet despite all its past glory and present charm, Urbino is practically unknown to tourists today.
With Urbino: The Story of a Renaissance City, art historian June Osborne brings to life not only the great city and its art, but also its turbulent history. With over a hundred lavish color photographs, many by renowned landscape photographer Joe Cornish, Urbino is the best—and the only—guide to this gem of the Italian Marches.
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Combining nearly 500 breathtaking images of untamed lands and rare glimpses of the people who inhabit them with the most current scientific analyses of their endangered ecosystems, Wilderness: Earth’s Last Wild Places is a detailed document of of some of our planet’s last remaining biological riches. Examining 37 wilderness areas around the globe—including tropical rain forests, wetlands, deserts, and arctic tundra, from Amazonia to the Congo Forests of Central Africa to the complex of North American deserts—Wilderness presents vital information on the earth’s biodiversity along with a realistic program to preserve it. See an illustrated list of 37 wilderness areas from the book.
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Arriving in Iraq on the eve of the U.S. invasion, unaffiliated with any newspaper and hoping to pick up assignments along the way, Ashley Gilbertson was one of the first photojournalists to cover the disintegration of America’s military triumph as looting and score settling convulsed Iraqi cities. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot gathers the best of Gilbertson’s photographs, chronicling America’s early battles in Iraq, the initial occupation of Baghdad, the insurgency that erupted shortly afterward, the dramatic battle to overtake Falluja, and ultimately, the country’s first national elections. A searing account of the American experience in Iraq, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is sure to become one of the classic war photography books of our time. See a website for the book.

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