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Friday remainders

jacket imageChris Gondek, producer and host of the Invisible Hand Podcast interviewed Ward Farnsworth, author of the recently released The Legal Analyst: A Toolkit for Thinking about the Law, a book that discusses some of the interesting ideas behind our laws that law students think they will encounter in law school, but don’t.
We recently noted the debut of the blog No Caption Needed, written by John Louis Lucaites and Robert Hariman, authors of the book with the same name. Lucaites also blogs on BAGnewsNotes, “a progressive blog dedicated to the political picture, and the discussion and analysis of news images.” A recent post by Lucaites, “The Billary Problem,” was picked up by Reuters. Lucaites considers the question: “What do we do with Bill in pictures with Hillary?”
Rayyan Al-Shawaf reviewed Fuad I. Khuri’s posthumous memoir, An Invitation to Laughter: A Lebanese Anthropologist in the Arab World last Sunday in the St. Petersburg Times.