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Insights for Election Day

jacket imageAt long, long last, election day is here! After you vote (using a ballot that Marcia Lausen’s Design for Democracy team helped design, if you’re in Oregon or here in Chicago), catch up on the latest election commentary from our tireless authors.
• Daron Shaw, author of The Race to 270, recently talked to the BBC about the “battle for the working class male.”
• John Geer, author of the widely discussed In Defense of Negativity, explains John McCain’s indefatigability in today’s Arizona Republic. “McCain is not going to give up, and he’s going to go to the bitter end, even though the odds are he’s going to lose,” Geer told the Republic.
• In today’s Chicago Tribune, Lawrence Jacobs, coauthor of The Private Abuse of the Public Interest, discusses the “reawakening” of American politics. “Not long ago we were bemoaning the withdrawal and cynicism of American voters,” Jacobs said. “This election is showing a consistently intense electorate. People have been following this at a fever pitch for months and months.”
• Nonetheless, it seems safe to assume that Presidents Creating the Presidency coauthor Kathleen Hall Jamieson has been following the race even more closely than most Americans, if her incisive commentary on the NewsHour and elsewhere is any indication. Last week, she talked to U.S. News & World Report about polling.
• Finally, for a glimpse of the action that all of this commentary has been driving at for months, view polling places across the country through the Polling Place Photo Project, a joint effort by the New York Times and our copublisher, the AIGA’s Design for Democracy.