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Touring Obama’s Chicago

jacket imageIf you’re one of the many tourists flocking to Barack Obama’s Chicago home, you’ll come up against formidable barricades. And touring the rest of what the city has dubbed Presidential Chicago will only take so much time. So, after you’re done following in the president-elect’s footsteps, why not chart a path of your own?
Our Guide to Chicago’s Murals, divided into easy-to-read geographical sections with useful maps for walking tours, is the perfect companion for tourists or Chicagoans interested in coming to know better this aspect of the city’s history.
Chicago’s Famous Buildings get a similarly user-friendly treatment in our leading pocket guide to the architecture that comprises Chicago’s breathtaking skyline, its dozens of monuments, and its historic legacy.
For fairweather travelers, The Chicago River, by veteran river tour guide David Solzman, offers a diverse collection of easy and enjoyable tours for anyone who wants to experience the river by foot, boat, canoe, or car.
If you don’t want to leave Obama territory, The Robie House of Frank Lloyd Wright functions as the perfect companion for a visitor to what may now be the second most famous home in the neighborhood.
And, finally, the Press is only about a thirty minute walk from that red brick house behind the barricades. So, drop on in:

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