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A lighthearted but scholarly guide to the lingual dimension

jacket imageIn his On Language column for Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, William Safire features Carol Fisher Saller’s The Subversive Copy Editor in a survey of new langlit.
Applauding Saller’s “good advice,” Safire notes that “the editor of The Chicago Manual of Style Online‘s Q&A has written a book out of her Web experience, in contrast to those who take to the Web to blog-flog a book.” That said, Saller’s famous (among editors, at least!) online presence stretches from long before to, we hope, long after her new book’s appearance.
But this is The Subversive Copy Editor‘s moment, and we, like Safire, can’t help but give her the last witty word: “There’s no end to the amount of fussing you can do with a manuscript, whereas there’s a limit to the amount of money someone will pay you to do it. At some point it has to be good enough, and you have to stop.”
(Before we stop, though, we should point out that at our Web site you can sample and listen to Saller read from the book. And, if you happen to be in Minneapolis, Chicago, or Paris next month, you can hear her talk about the book in person.)