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A Professional Perfectionist’s Best Friend

jacket imageThe Subversive Copy Editor “may be the best copy editor’s companion since the CMS, the AP Style Guide and that dog-eared xerox of copy editing marks you keep tacked up on the cubicle wall,” is how Publishers Weekly begins its starred review of the magazine’s Web Pick of the Week.
And PW is in the majority opinion. An article in Sunday’s Chicago-Sun Times also is full of appreciation for Saller’s “conversational style and insights into interactions between writers and copy editors,” which “make reading her book an entertaining trip even for those who never plan to lift a red pen or use the editing feature of a word-processing program.”
That might sound surprising: editing guide as beside reading? But it will make perfect sense to anyone who’s had a taste of the indispensably helpful and pleasingly witty advice Saller has been dishing out for years for the Q&A feature of The Chicago Manual of Style Online.