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Write a New Parker Heist, Win Parker Novels

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He’s stolen diamonds. He’s robbed casinos. He’s even gone under the knife and changed his face to avoid a mob hit. But he’s never knocked over a bookstore. Yet.
You’ve read the books, but can you write the next great Parker heist? That’s the challenge put forth by the venerable Chicago independent, 57th Street Books. They’ve orchestrated a contest, you see, 350-word flash-fiction job to determine who can write the best bookstore heist story starring Parker. All you have to do is send your entry in the body of an e-mail to before midnight on June 14th, 2010. The take for the winning heists? A set of all twelve gorgeously designed Parker reissues from the Press and publication on The Front Table, the webzine of The Seminary Co-op Bookstores.
Need inspiration? Or need a little background on Parker (he’s very evasive)? Check out all of our titles in the series, and read an interview with Parker’s puppeteer, the master mystery writer Donald Westlake (who wrote the series under the pseudonym Richard Stark).
For more information on the contest, check out the announcement here. Now get writing!