Academy of Arts and Sciences fellows announced

jacket imageThe Press is pleased to announce that several of its authors have been named Academy of Arts and Sciences fellows for 2006. Fellowships recognize "individuals who have made preeminent contributions to their disciplines and to society at large." The induction ceremony will take place on October 7 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Press authors receiving the honor include:
Ian Ayres, author of Optional Law and Pervasive Prejudice?
Alberto Alesina, editor of Politics and Economics in the Eighties
Charles Bernstein, author of several Press titles
Michael Dawson, author of Black Visions
Reid Hastie, co-author of Punitive Damages
Ha Jin, author of Between Silences
Michael Murrin, author of History and Warfare in Renaissance Epic
Anne L. Poulet, author of Jean-Antoine Houdon
William B. Provine, author of several Press titles
David H. Romer, co-editor of Reducing Inflation
James H. Stock, co-editor of Business Cycles, Indicators, and Forecasting
Rosmarie Waldrop, translator of The Book of Margins and The Book of Shares
View the complete list of 2006 fellows.