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Press release: Gennari, Blowin’ Hot and Cool

jacket imageWhether they’re writing about art, food, movies, or music, critics have always been received with both awe and ire by their readers and by their subjects. This is also true in the world of jazz where the critic is responsible for putting into words an experience that is, more often that not, wordless. Yet their influence on the shape of the jazz tradition and the careers of the musicians is undeniable. It is also an aspect of the story of jazz which has before now been neglected in most accounts of its history. With Blowin’ Hot & Cool John Gennari corrects this oversight in a profound way by offering the first comprehensive overview of the critics’ role in the story of jazz over the course of the past seventy-five years. Read the press release.
Read an excerpt about Leonard Feather and John Hammond; also see an outlined soundtrack to accompany the book.