Review: Gilfoyle, Millennium Park

June 12, 2006

jacket imageSunday’s edition of the Chicago Sun-Times featured a nice review of Timothy J. Gilfoyle’s Millennium Park: Creating a Chicago Landmark. Kevin Nance wrote, "The creation of the $475 million park, which opened in July 2004 four years late and at more than twice its originally projected cost, was fraught with tension among its high-powered participants.… This high-stakes game of push-and-pull forms the dramatic core of historian Timothy J. Gilfoyle’s absorbing and lavishly illustrated Millennium Park: Creating a Chicago Landmark, to be published this week."

One Response to Review: Gilfoyle, Millennium Park

  1. cct on June 13, 2006 at 1:05 ami

    Living in the South, it is amazing how many “old timers” still refer to places by their “controversial” original names, despite the fact that the names have officially been changed for some time.

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