Press Release: Scientific American, Evolution

September 5, 2006

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Drawing from the pages of Scientific American—one of the most respected science magazines in the world—Evolution contains more than thirty articles written by some of the world’s most respected evolutionary scientists. An accessible and timely collection of the most exciting research and thinking on evolution in the past ten years, the book is organized into four sections—the universe, cells, dinosaurs, and humans—with articles, reproduced here in their entirety, that shed light on topics such as the search for life in our solar system and cybernetic cells to the evolution of feathers and the design of the human body and whether it was meant to last. In all, Evolution will be a reference for any reader curious about what’s motivating the science of evolution at present—and where it’s likely to go from here.
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2 Responses to Press Release: Scientific American, Evolution

  1. Symbolism on November 5, 2006 at 8:03 pmi

    This is an interesting concept.. I might just get that book. I’m always looking for a good read.

  2. Rugs on March 20, 2007 at 1:38 pmi

    Many years ago before my wife became a working mom and I became a working stiff here at an online store that sells area rugs we had endless discussions about realisms place in art. At the time she was a painter studying at Mass College of Art in Boston. Realisms was at the time, and I imagine still is, very much looked down on by most of her fellow artists. Having always been a fan of subtly I feel that even modest interpretations of reality in realist artwork was often much more powerful than a lot of the very dramatic work produced by her fellow artists. But what I think is often overlooked, or perhaps purposefully avoided, by many is the technical skill that is required to produce realistic representations in art work. I think Stephen Mulhall said it best on London Review Bookshop website “before we can judge whether a representational painting achieves aesthetic excellence in the way it depicts something, we must first perceive what it depicts.” I think for many young artists the skill it requires and time it takes to be able to produce realistic art works is inconvenient to their desire to produce immediately.

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