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Press Release: Jasper, Getting Your Way

Although we’re generally unconscious of it, strategy is a regular component of daily life. Whether you’re planning a dinner party, fighting for a promotion, attempting to lose weight, trying to beat traffic, or occupied by any number of normal activities, you’re engaging in strategic thought and action. It’s crucial to our success and happiness. It’s no wonder then that books on strategy routinely find the bestseller list. Most of these accounts of strategy are brought to us by CEOs, self-help gurus, and military leaders who reduce strategy to straightforward sets of rules or, in the case of game theorists, mathematical equations. But in Getting Your Way: Strategic Dilemmas in the Real World, James M. Jasper reminds us that life’s really not so simple. The key to mastering strategy and finding success is to develop a more refined understanding of just how unique and complex any given situation really is.
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