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The Chicago Manual of Style Online

One hundred years ago, in November 1906, this press published a small book with a long title: Manual of Style: Being a Compilation of the Typographical Rules in Force at the University of Chicago Press, to Which Are Appended Specimens of Types in Use. Over the years, it grew in length and in reputation, becoming a standard reference for compositors, copyeditors, and publishers. In the later decades of the twentieth century, the audience for the Manual grew to encompass individual writers and scholars.
In its 100th anniversary year, in its fifteenth edition, the Manual has become an online reference work. The online version of the Manual offers the fully searchable text of the fifteenth edition with added features including tools for editors, a quick citation guide, and searchable access to the popular Chicago Style Q&A.
In this still-emerging world of online publishing, the look and the role of online works are not well-established. We believe that we’ve created an online product that is useful for editors and publishers, effectively utilizes the technology of the online medium, and has a business model that’s attractive to the consumer and sustainable for the publisher. We believe that we have created innovative and user-friendly functionality and created subscription options responsive to the needs of the Manual‘s users. We welcome your comments on how well we have achieved these goals.
The Chicago Manual of Style is the indispensable reference for all who work with words, and now in its new online form it has never been more accessible.Try it out.