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Geer attacked in video ad!

Normally we try not to draw attention to negative commentary about our authors. But sometimes the commentary is too artful to be ignored. John G. Geer is the author of the recent book In Defense of Negativity: Attack Ads in Presidential Campaigns, which makes the controversial argument that negative campaign advertising benefits voters and the democratic process. Geer is, then, in no position to object when he becomes the subject of an attack ad:

The video was created by Jeremy D. Mayer, Associate Professor and Director of the Masters of Public Policy Program, School of Public Policy, George Mason University. Mayer was a commenter at a presentation Geer did about his book at the Cato Institute in September. On YouTube Mayer noted:

I made this negative ad as part of my commentary at the Cato Institute on John Geer’s new book In Defense of Negativity. His book argues that negative ads are good for democracy. Almost none of the claims in this ad are “true” (for example, he’s actually an award winning, popular lecturer—these are the only negative comments up on Ratemyprofessor), although each is based on a shred of truth. John thought it was hilarious. Hope you do too.

(Tip of the hat to Technorati and the blog of television station WKRN in Nashville.)