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W.J.T. Mitchell: Chicagoan of the Year

070102.mitchell-300.jpgCultural critic Julia Keller named U of C professor W.J.T. Mitchell one of 2006’s Chicagoans of the Year. In a piece published December 31, 2006 for the Chicago Tribune, Keller gives a brief synopsis of why she thinks Mitchell stands out, calling him “Chicago’s renaissance man,” and a “restless and vivid thinker who goes where his passionate interests lead him.” Topping her list of his accomplishments is his book What Do Pictures Want?: The Lives and Loves of Images. Keller writes:

This year brought fresh distinction to Mitchell’s scholarly expeditions. His latest book, What Do Pictures Want?… recently received the James Russell Lowell Prize from the Modern Language Association, the group’s annual award for best book.
The citation lauded his “provocative and remarkably accessible collection of essays,” essays that consider aspects of the visual world such as monuments and paintings, advertising images and Dolly, the cloned sheep. Mitchell also reflects on the iconography of the World Trade Center and the meanings of 9/11.

Mitchell’s new book is a wonderful addition to the large corpus of work he has already brought to the Press. Follow the links to find out more about some of our recent releases and web features from this esteemed Chicago author.
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