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Poets in the Ether

jacket imageProlific literary blogger Marshall Zeringue recently devoted several postings to two fresh voices in Chicago’s Phoenix Poets Series: Peter Campion, author of Other People, and Peg Boyers, author of the recently published Honey with Tobacco.
On his blog Writers Read Zeringue invites Campion to discuss some of the books he’s currently reading, offering a great chance to listen in on the literary insights of a pro. Zeringue also takes the time to link to Campion’s work in Slate magazine where Campion has been reprinted as well as made audio recordings of several of his poems from Other People.

Zeringue also features Peg Boyers discussing her recent book, Honey with Tobacco, on The Page 69 Test—another blog authored and administrated by Zeringue in which he asks an author to quote and briefly discuss whatever text can be found on page 69 of their book (though he does bend the rules a bit for Boyers, whose book weighs in at a short but sweet 64 pages).
You can find out more about Other People and Honey with Tobacco as well as read more excerpts on the UCP website.