UCP to begin offering books online

Yesterday the Chicago Distribution Center, a division of the University of Chicago Press and one of the nation’s largest distributors of scholarly and professional books, issued a press release announcing an agreement with online content packager Tizra to begin selling subscriptions to online books.phoenix.gif The University of Chicago Press itself will be one of the first of the CDC’s clients to begin offering books online through the new service beginning later this summer. From the press release:

“We’re delighted to be in the first group of CDC publishers piloting the CDC/Tizra online service,” said Garrett Kiely, Director of the University of Chicago Press. “University of Chicago Press publications appeal to wide audiences: from general readers to educators and scholars. Our readers need to find us from wherever they are, with immediate access to the content they want. Tizra helps us meet that need.”

To find out more read the press release, or see this article appearing in today’s Publishers Weekly.