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Press Release: Kern, Sound Reporting

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Starting in 1970 with 30 people and an idea for a program, NPR has grown to become one of the world’s most trusted major news organizations, with journalists worldwide and 26 million listeners each week. Featuring colorful anecdotes, lively examples, and insights from such award-winning journalists as Robert Siegel and Renee Montagne, this rare insider’s tour of public broadcasting reveals how NPR has succeeded as no other medium can in connecting with audiences and capturing the imaginations of its listeners.
Jonathan Kern, a talented guide who has worked in almost every position at NPR News, narrates a day in the life of a host and lays out the nuts and bolts of production with equal wit and warmth. Along the way, he explains the importance of writing the way you speak, reveals how NPR books guests ranging from world leaders to neighborhood newsmakers, and gives sage advice on everything from proposing stories to editors to maintaining balance and objectivity. The result is an unprecedented look at the principles and expertise that have made NPR so integral to American culture.
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