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Review: North, Cosmos

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The August 16 edition of the Guardian published a short but positive review of John D. North’s Cosmos: An Illustrated History of Astronomy and Cosmology. The review praises the book for its comprehensive exploration of these two sciences, and their integral role in helping mankind to define his place within the universe. From the Guardian:

At nearly 900 pages, this is a suitably monumental book about the biggest subject of all: the cosmos.… From Stonehenge and ancient China, where sunspots were first recorded in 28BC (European astronomers didn’t spot them until the 17th century), to today’s search for dark matter, Machos and Wimps, this remarkable work brings together the global history, theories, people and technologies of astronomy to tell a story that “has very few intellectual parallels in the whole of human history.”

See the review on the Guardian website.