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Books for tough financial times

jacket imageThose charged with trying to stabilize markets in the wake of the stock market’s worst daily loss in seven years might do well to take a look at The Risks of Financial Institutions, a National Bureau of Economic Research Conference Report that examines the various risks affecting financial institutions and explores a variety of methods to help institutions and regulators more accurately measure and forecast risk.
Meanwhile, for those wondering what these turbulent times mean for workers, their jobs, and their companies, this excerpt from Economic Turbulence: Is a Volatile Economy Good for America? could help to make sense of an economy in constant flux; in which, every day, a business shuts down while another starts up, jobs are created while others are cut, and workers are hired while others are laid off.
History, too, in the insightful hands of Mary Poovey, can provide some valuable and timely perspective on how participating in this economy—by banking, borrowing, investing, and even losing money—became a set of routine, everyday activities in the first place.
And if, in the end, you’re more in the mood for an economic perspective that that offers some cause for hope, you might consider the findings of another NBER report, Corruption and Reform, which examines the forces that, since the nineteenth century, have led to the decline in corruption and fraud within the United States.
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