A Thanksgiving feast for your brain

jacket imageTurkey and dressing are always in Thanksgiving fashion. But other foods—for example, Mystery Cake or Velvety Crab and Cheese Soufflé—slip in and out of style much more quickly. So, after you’ve had your fill of Thanksgiving classics, why not experiment a little by planning your next course with the help of Sylvia Lovegren’s Fashionable Food, which explores less-constant dishes by examining our collective past from the kitchen counter.
Or expand your culinary horizons by traveling across time or land to learn about Market Day in Provence, food and feasting in ancient Rome (try some Roman recipes!), or even The Oldest Cuisine in the World.
Whatever your tastes, our eclectic list of books on food and gastronomy, are sure to satisfy long after you’ve polished off the last leftovers.