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The return of the weather book

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From last month’s ice storms on the east coast, to the current arctic blast invading the US, the winter weather has had us turning more often than usual to our local and national forecasts to help keep us warm, dry, and safe. But despite this perennial interest in the weather, few of us grasp the science behind it. As the author of The USA Today Weather Book, (published back in the early 90s), meteorologist and former USA Today weather editor Jack Williams has continuously sought to remedy that situation by providing the public with his comprehensive and in-depth guide to the weather. Now, as USA Today’s Bob Swanson writes on The Weather Guy’s blog, “the Weather Book rides again.”
In April the press will publish William’s new book The AMS Weather Book: The Ultimate Guide to America’s Weather—the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource available for anyone who wants to understand how hurricanes form, why tornados twirl, or even why the sky is cerulean blue. To find out more about the book navigate to the book’s product page or listen to an audio clip of the author explaining some of the differences between The AMS Weather Book and The USA Today Weather Book on The Weather Guy’s blog.