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Press Release: Schultz, No One Was Killed

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While other writers contemplated the events of the 1968 Chicago riots from the safety of their hotel rooms, John Schultz was in the city streets, being threatened by police, choking on tear gas, and taking in all the rage, fear, and confusion around him. The result, No One Was Killed, is his account of the contradictions and chaos of convention week—the adrenaline, the sense of drama and history, and how the mainstream press was getting it all wrong.
“A more valuable factual record of events than the city’s white paper, the Walker Report, and Theodore B. White’s Making of a President combined.” —Book Week
“High on my short list of true, lasting, inspired evocations of those whacked-out days when the country was fighting a phantasmagorical war (with real corpses), and police under orders were beating up demonstrators who looked at them funny.” —Todd Gitlin, from the foreword
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