Printers Row Lit Fest 2009

In the Shadow of the City.jpg
The University of Chicago Press once again participated in the Printers Row Lit Fest this year, taking our usual spot in Tent A at Congress and Dearborn. A number of volunteers from the press took turns manning the booth, selling a wide variety of books from Chicago and our distributed presses. The ever-popular $5 table was back, containing an assortment of thirty titles sold for only $5 each. At one point, a “$5 dance” may have been created by a couple of cold volunteers, as they tried to stay warm.
Never Let It Be Said We Don't Enjoy the Work.jpg
Despite numerous warnings of dismal, rainy weather, we only saw a few minutes of very light rain on each of the days (nonetheless, a leak in the tent became brutally apparent). The very limited rain proved great for our sales and gave customers a chance to better browse the large selection of books we brought.
CFS helping a customer.jpg
500 posters of our recent title The Chicagoan were given away for free and they were gone within the first two hours! Don’t worry, we’ll bring more next year.
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