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Peg Boyers reads “The Fate of Pleasure”

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Just a quick post to point you towards Slate magazines’ weekly poem, which is currently featuring Peg Boyers, author of Hard Bread and more recently Honey with Tobacco, reading her poem “The Fate of Pleasure.”
Each week Slate‘s poetry editor Robert Pinsky chooses a poem to be featured on their site and added to the audio archive at Slate‘s Poetry Podcast. So in the spirit of full disclosure it should also be mentioned that Pinsky has recently released a new book with the Press as well: Thousands of Broadways: Dreams and Nightmares of the American Small Town. Though not a poetry book Thousands of Broadways does offer up some of the fascinating literary insights of its author as he examines the history and character of America’s small towns, including reflections on his own time growing up in one.
Find out more about Pinsky’s new book and Boyer’s poetry on the press’s website.