An aerosol e-book enhancer

This link, posted to one of the list-serves for the American Association of University Presses this afternoon, was just too amusing not not share here. For all those whose desire to purchase that new e-book reader has been hampered by a nostalgic longing for the experience of turning through the pages of the real thing, Smell of Books™ has at least one base covered. According to their website, with Smell of Books™ “revolutionary new aerosol e-book enhancer… you can finally enjoy reading e-books without giving up the smell you love so much.” And it comes in five different scents! For the ladies there’s the “Scent of Sensibility” and my personal favorite, “Eau, You Have Cats.” You can pick some up at, and after they’ve convinced you to run out and buy that new e-reader, fill it up with some of the 700 and counting e-book titles now available for direct download through our website or other e-book retailers like Amazon and Sony.