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Who you calling ugly?

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Flipping through the New York Daily News‘s slideshow of “The World’s Ugliest Animals,” we came across more than a few creatures that, in our estimation, certainly do not deserve that dubious distinction (who doesn’t love a sloth? or a fish that appears to be wearing lipstick for that matter?) and a few more that definitely do (blobfish, I’m looking at you). But we were surprised to see our old friend the Yeti Crab come in at number six on the list. Connoisseurs of crustaceans will remember the little fellow from the pages of The Deep: The Extraordinary Creatures of the Abyss, a veritable treasure trove of the strangest looking lifeforms on earth. While we disagree that the Yeti Crab is ugly—comical and improbable, sure—there are more than a few creatures lurking in the briny fathoms—and the pages of The Deep—that more than earn the insult (scaly dragonfish, anyone?). Check out a gallery of remarkable sea monsters here or order a copy of The Deep for more!