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The organization behind the Burning Man

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Last weekend Nevada’s Black Rock Desert once again played host to the annual alternative community / neo-pagan festival known as the Burning Man. And since 2005 Katherine K. Chen author of Enabling Creative Chaos: The Organization Behind the Burning Man Event has been there, helping to organize efforts to safely and successfully execute the festival—which can attract upwards of 40,000 people—and organize its participants into a temporary alternative community where (according to the official Burning Man website) “transactions of value take place without money, advertising, or hype…” and “care emerges in place of structural service.”
In her book, she draws on her own first-hand experiences of the Burning Man event and its unique community, to offer some fascinating insights into how the event’s organizers have managed to pull it off. And beginning this week, she will also be offering her insights on the event as a new guest blogger at In her first post she demonstrates how analysis of such “unusual” cases of civic organization such as the Burning Man can be used to understand larger phenomena.
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