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A renegade academic’s path to publication

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The process of getting a manuscript published is often a harrowing one fraught with revising, rewriting, and rejection. But for those few who manage to find a suitable home for their work, the reward of seeing one’s ideas in print can be worth the all the head- and heart-ache. As a case in point, William Davies King, whose Collections of Nothing was published by the Press in 2008, has a blog post on the PowellsBooks.Blog detailing his own odyssey through the world of publishing. From the numerous submissions of his manuscript—an oddball autobiographical account of the author’s devotion to decades to collecting ephemera and trinkets, otherwise known as trash—to its eventual publication by the Press’s executive editor Susan Bielstein, King’s tale is a personal and insightful look from an author’s point of view at the process of publication.
Read King’s posting on the PowellsBooks.Blog, or find out more about his book, Collections of Nothing with this excerpt and essay by the author.