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“Picturing the Studio,” Dec. 11—Feb. 13 at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Beginning with a reception this Friday, December 11th at 4:30 pm at the Art Institute of Chicago’s Sullivan Galleries and running through February 13, 2010, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago presents “Picturing the Studio“—an exhibition exploring “the richly complex politically- and psychologicaly-charged notion of the artist’s studio today… with works by over 30 artists spanning the past two decades… including several specially designed installations undertaken by artists on site.” Curated by Michelle Grabner, (SAIC), and Annika Marie, (Columbia College), featured artists include: Jan Bas Ader, Conrad Bakker, John Baldessari, Stephanie Brooks, Ivan Brunetti, Ann Craven, Julian Dashper, Dana DeGuilio, Susanne Doremus, Joe Fig, Dan Fischer, Julia Fish, Nicholas Frank, Alicia Frankovich, Judith Geichman, Rodney Graham, Karl Haendel, Shane Huffman, Barbara Kasten, Matt Keegan, Daniel Lavitt, Daniel; Adelheid Mers, Tom Moody, Bruce Nauman, Paul Nudd, Leland Rice, David Robbins, Kay Rosen, Amanda Ross-Ho, Carrie Schneider, Roman Signer, Amy Sillman, Frances Stark, Nicholas Steindorf, and James Welling.
In conjunction with the School of the Art Institute the University of Chicago press is also pleased to announce the forthcoming companion volume to the exhibition, The Studio Reader: On the Space of Artists edited by Mary Jane Jacob and Michelle Grabner. Like the exhibition The Studio Reader pulls back the curtain from the art world to reveal the real activities behind artistic production. What does it mean to be in the studio? What is the space of the studio in the artist’s practice? How do studios help artists envision their agency and, beyond that, their own lives? This forward-thinking anthology features an all-star array of contributors, ranging from Svetlana Alpers, Bruce Nauman, and Robert Storr to Daniel Buren, Carolee Schneemann, and Buzz Spector, each of whom locates the studio both spatially and conceptually—at the center of an art world that careens across institutions, markets, and disciplines. A companion for anyone engaged with the spectacular sites of art at its making, The Studio Reader reconsiders this crucial space as an actual way of being that illuminates our understanding of both artists and the world they inhabit. (Forthcoming in March of 2010.)
To find out more about the exhibition check the SAIC’s website or online events calendar. The exhibition is also part of “Studio Chicago“, a collaborative project exploring the artist’s studio.