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Life behind a badge in Chicago

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John Kass’s column in yesterday’s Chicago Tribune discussed Chicago police officer Martin Prieb’s forthcoming book The Wagon and Other Stories from the City—an authentic chronicle of life behind the badge on the gritty streets of Chicago. As Tribune columnist John Kass writes:

[Preib’s book is] about the real Chicago, the city of tribes, the city many of you know, not that fictional metropolis sometimes offered in magazines and TV shows.… There are no blonds in red dresses. No detectives with cleft chins.… And if there’s a hero, the hero is an intelligent man trying to figure things out.

And from his first assignment driving the police wagon that hauls away the dead, to his run-ins with gangbangers and drunk yuppies while patrolling his beat on Chicago’s North Side, the perceptively crafted stories in Preib’s new book offer a uniquely insightful account of both the life of a Chicago cop and the city itself.
For more read Kass’s article on the Chicago Tribune website.

The Wagon and Other Stories from the City
will publish May 2010.