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Everything you ever wanted to know about children

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Probably the most comprehensive book on children ever conceived, The Child: An Encyclopedic Companion contains more than 500 articles written by experts in their fields covering, as editor-in-chief Richard Shweder remarks in this recent article, “everything you ever wanted to know [about children] but never even thought to ask.”
Shweder continues: “we wanted it to be authoritative, balanced, clear, lacking in jargon and appealing to a very broad group—everyone from parents to grandparents to lawyers to pediatricians to educators to social workers.” And indeed with entries providing concise and accessible synopses of the topics at hand, alongside over forty highly readable “Imagining Each Other” essays that focus on the particular experiences of children in different cultures, The Child is the definitive resource for all who work with children.
To find out more read the article on the website of the State Journal Register, or navigate to this special website for the book offering a video of Shweder talking about the book, sample articles, and more.