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Introducing UCP’s Summer Shorts

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“Still longer than a tweet and still shorter than A River Runs Through It—”


Publication Date: June 18, 2013

The University of Chicago Press is pleased to announce the launch of our summer series of Chicago Shorts—distinguished selections, including never-before-published material, off-the-radar reads culled from the University of Chicago Press’s commanding archive, and the best of our newest books, all priced for impulse buying and presented exclusively in DRM-free e-book format.

Aimed at the general reader and running the gamut from the latest in contemporary scholarship to can’t-miss chapters from classic publications, Chicago Shorts continues to turn the page on the twenty-first-century reading experience.

With summer upon us, we’ve selected a group of shorts that offer all the pleasures you look for in that season: they’re light, funny, and engaging; they stoke our dreams of faraway places and outdoor adventures; and like summer itself—they leave you wanting more.

Among the Summer Shorts, you’ll find:


To celebrate summer e-reads, we’ll be offering So Lonesome: Hank Williams and the Creation of Country Music for $0.99. All other Shorts will be priced at $2.99 and available across all major e-book platforms, as well as from the University of Chicago Press website.

For additional information about individual Shorts, please visit our series website.

In the meantime, keep it classy and try not to sweat it. #SummerShorts