The Book of Caterpillars

I’ll open this post with a confession: I once watched a little green caterpillar eat the entirety of a dill plant my wife had planted in a windowbox. How could I not? He was so cute, and so industrious!

If you feel the same way, but you also would like to retain your plants for your own use, might I suggest our new Book of Caterpillars?


A very big book about little creatures, offering life-size photographs of six hundred species, accompanied by information about their range, habitat, diet, and the moths and butterflies they eventually become.

To whet your appetite, some samples follow.

The Loepa Megacore.

The Forest Tent Caterpillar.

The unforgettably named Lettuce Shark.

And the, well, commandingly named Commander.

The Book of Caterpillars is inching its way to a bookstore near you right now!