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Press Release: Greeley and Hout, The Truth about Conservative Christians

jacket imageEver since the reelection of President Bush, conservative Christians have come to be seen as a monolithic voting block, so large and so unwavering in their unity that securing their support is the key to winning the White House. Certainly the power of these Americans as a political constituency is undeniable, but politicians and pundits alike would be well served to heed The Truth about Conservative Christians. Here noted commentators Andrew Greeley and Michael Hout explode common stereotypes about these highly misunderstood people. If you think of conservative Christians as Bible-thumping militants and anti-intellectual zealots determined to impose their convictions on such matters as intelligent design, school prayer, abortion, and gay marriage on the rest of us, then you’re dead wrong.
What do conservative Christians really think about evolution, homosexuality, pornography, feminism, Catholicism, or even the meaning of the word God? Answering these questions and many more, The Truth about Conservative Christians will interest—and surprise—a broad range of readers, especially in this heated election year.
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