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Press Release: Schapiro, Romanesque Architectural Sculpture

jacket imageA towering figure in twentieth-century intellectual life art historian Meyer Schapiro (1904-96) profoundly influenced the study of everything from twelfth-century sculpture to modern painting. He made his name as a young scholar, though, by helping to define and elevate the singular style of art known as Romanesque, and it was to the Romanesque that he returned when he was invited to deliver the prestigious Charles Eliot Norton Lectures at Harvard in 1967.
In a labor of love, Linda Seidel—who attended Schapiro’s Norton lectures and came to know him through her own work—spent years transcribing and editing the originals to produce this long-awaited, handsomely illustrated volume. Combined with Seidel’s illuminating introduction placing these works in context and telling the story of their long journey to publication, Meyer Schapiro’s Norton lectures provide exciting new paths toward comprehending the depth and breadth of the master scholar’s original vision.
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