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Review: Nouvian, The Deep

jacket imageReviewing one of this season’s most exciting releases from the Press, Discover magazine’s Richard Ellis has much to say about explorer and journalist Claire Nouvian’s new book The Deep: The Extraordinary Creatures of the Abyss. His review of this fascinating photo voyage to the ocean’s darkest depths, like other reviews of the book, praises the hundreds of vibrant color images gracing its pages. Ellis writes:

Each of the 200-odd photographs in this book is in color. Bejeweled creatures—squid, comb jellies, octopuses, and tube worms—leap off the black pages in such a luminescent rainbow that you can’t help but realize that the “blackness” of the depths is a misnomer. In many cases, photographs of these organisms appear in this book for the first time anywhere. …
Such intimate photographs are surely the book’s triumph. But an articulate and informative commentary accompanies them. The many short chapters have been written by the world’s foremost marine scientists.

And indeed, with expert discussion on a variety of aspects of the deep sea—from the techniques of human exploration to discussion of hydrothermal vents and bioluminescence— The Deep is an exotic yet authoritative excursion to one of earth’s last undiscovered frontiers.
Don’t miss the Web site for The Deep where you can view some of the images included in the book, learn more about the author, read more reviews, and order a copy of this fascinating book.