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Jeffrey Kripal interviewed in San Francisco Chronicle

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Monday’s San Francisco Chronicle featured an interview with author Jeffrey Kripal on the topic of his new book Esalen: America and the Religion of No Religion. In his interview with the Chronicle‘s David Ian Miller, Kripal discusses “Esalen’s contributions to the evolution of religion, the state of spirituality today, and the importance of maintaining many paths to enlightenment.”
Situated on the edge of the pacific coastline, the Esalen institute has long been a world leader in alternative and experiential education, as well as an influential player in the creation of the American counterculture. Popularized by such luminary figures as Aldus Huxley, Ram Das, and Ansel Adams—all of whom either lived at or visited the institute—Esalen has had a long and fascinating intellectual and spiritual legacy that continues to influence American culture to this day.
To learn more about Esalen and its legacy check out Kripal’s interview on the SFGate website. We also have an excerpt from the book.
Kripal was also featured Tuesday, May 22, on KQED radio’s Forum with Michael Krasney. Get the audio here.