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Press Release: Maestripieri, Macachiavellian Intelligence

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Power. Sex. Status. That’s pretty much what human life boils down to: a vicious, grasping struggle to get ahead and stay there. We look out for number one, claw for every advantage, and aren’t above using—and even betraying—friends and family to get what we want. So just what is it that separates us from the higher primates? Dario Maestripieri would argue that it’s less than you may think, and with Macachiavellian Intelligence he draws readers deep into the social life of the world’s most common monkey, the rhesus macaque, to show just how much we can learn from them about human life.
Writing with a biting, sardonic wit, Maestripieri draws on primatology, evolutionary biology, economics, politics, and literature to present a wry, rational, and wholly surprising view of our humanity as seen through the monkey in the mirror.
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