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The Anchorage Daily News is currently running a great review of James B. Nardi’s new book, Life in the Soil: A Guide for Naturalists and Gardeners. Jeff Lowenfels author of another recent gardner’s guide to the ecosystem, writes:

Consider this column a strong recommendation to go out and get this book, not from the library but from a store. It is well worth owning. Not only did I find it a great read, but it is a reference book I will turn to often.…
Nardi is a skilled scientific illustrator as well as a biologist. Almost every page has a detailed picture of the organisms (with size reference) he is describing, often showing not only the animal but its habitat, including those it eats or those that eat it. You will surely recognize animals you have seen before but were not able to identify.…
Birders have their Petersons and Sibleys. There are guides to snakes, butterflies, mammals and all sorts of other natural things. Now we gardeners have a guide to the critters that make up the soil food web.

Read the rest of the review on the Anchorage Daily News website.