Press Release: Chappell, Chicago’s Urban Nature

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New in Paperback—Chicago. In the early twentieth century, the mere mention of the name conjured images of stockyards and steel mills, industry and immigration—a sooty mecca for industrialists and laborers who invented and built the American city. Fast-forward one hundred years and you find Chicago at the forefront of another revolution—this time leading the charge to green city spaces. Since 1989, hundreds of thousands of trees have been planted, miles of historic boulevards renovated, and “green roofs” built on over two hundred buildings. Through these efforts and others, Chicago is now known as an innovative force in a global urban greening movement.
Chicago’s Urban Nature is a beautifully illustrated guide to the evolution of this green city. At the heart of “urban nature,” Sally A. Kitt Chappell demonstrates, is the idea of connection, bringing together buildings and landscapes, culture and nature. With Chicago’s Urban Nature in hand, you’ll see those connections woven through the fabric of the city.
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