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Press Release: Shweder, The Child

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Vetted by some of the most distinguished child development researchers in the world, The Child broadens the current scope of knowledge on children and childhood. It is an unparalleled resource for parents, social workers, researchers, educators, and others who work with children.
Each entry in this one-volume encyclopedia begins with a concise and accessible synopsis of the topic at hand. For example, the entry for “adoption” begins with a general definition, followed by a detailed look at adoption in different cultures and at different times, a summary of the associated mental and developmental issues that can arise, and an overview of applicable legal and public policy both within the United States and elsewhere. The Child includes multiple cross-references to guide readers toward related topics and suggestions for further reading.
The Child also includes over forty “Imagining Each Other” essays that present vivid and iconic case studies of child-raising practices in specific cultural settings. In “Work before Play for Yucatec Maya Children,” for example, readers learn of the work responsibilities of some modern-day Mexican children, while in “A Hindu Brahman Boy is Born Again,” they witness a coming-of-age ritual in contemporary India.
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