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For December’s free e-book of the month we are pleased to offer Marty Crump’s fascinating collection of essays on curious creatures and their amazing behaviors in Headless Males Make Great Lovers: And Other Unusual Natural Histories.
In five thematic chapters, Marty Crump—a tropical field biologist well known for her work with the reproductive behavior of amphibians—examines the bizarre conduct of animals as they mate, parent, feed, defend themselves, and communicate. Crump’s enthusiasm for the unusual behaviors she describes—from sex change and free love in sponges to aphrodisiac concoctions in bats—is visible on every page, thanks to her skilled storytelling, which makes even sea slugs, dung beetles, ticks, and tapeworms fascinating and appealing. Steeped in biology, Headless Males Make Great Lovers points out that diverse and unrelated animals often share seemingly bizarre behaviors—evidence, Crump argues, that these natural histories, though outwardly weird, are successful ways of living.
Also check out Crump’s follow up to Headless Males, Sexy Orchids Make Lousy Lovers: & Other Unusual Relationships or her account of her quest through the Costa Rican rain forests to collect data on the now extinct Golden Frog in her previous work from the press, In Search of the Golden Frog, both currently available at a 20% discount. Or for all our currently available e-books, see our list of e-books by subject.
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