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An exhibition of images from Architecture under Construction at the AIC

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Photographer Stanley Greenberg, whose new book Architecture under Construction offers a fascinating collection of images of some of our most unusual new buildings in the process of being built, is currently exhibiting part of the collection featured in the book in the Art Institute of Chicago’s Modern Wing, Kurokawa Gallery. From a press release on the AIC’s website:

While avant-garde architecture has frequently inspired today’s art photographers and video artists, Stanley Greenberg is the first to focus a documentary-style lens on the subject. Greenberg’s luminous large-scale black-and-white photographs explore avant-garde structures in the process of being built. Using highly cropped views, Greenberg captures moments in the assembly of architecture that are rarely evident in the final building, revealing the complexity of contemporary construction and the residual visual unfolding of spaces resulting from these feats of structural gymnastics.

Find out more about the exhibit, or, if a trip to downtown Chicago isn’t on your agenda before the close in September, check out our gallery of photographs from the book.