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Royko on TV

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Royko in Love: Mike’s Letters to Carol, the newest edition to the Press’s collection of works by the award winning journalist, offers a rare look into the personal life of one of Chicago’s most beloved public icons. Through his writing Royko made a reputation for himself as the prototypical hard-nosed Chicago journalist—tough, funny, acerbic, yet eloquent enough to win a Pulitzer Prize. But in Royko in Love we see another side, both sensitive and vulnerable and passionately consumed with wooing his childhood sweetheart, Carol Duckman.
Royko in Love was collected and edited by Royko’s son, David Royko and over the next few days he will be making several TV appearances speak about the book and offer further insights into his father’s life and career. Tonight you can catch David Royko on Fox Chicago News at 9:00 pm, tomorrow on ABC 7 Chicago News at 4:00 pm, and next week on the Tuesday edition of WTTW’s Chicago Tonight and Thursday September 29 on WGN’s Midday News. We’ll also post the video online as it becomes available.
See also, photos of Mike and Carol Royko, with commentary by David Royko.