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2015 University Press Week


From the headquarters of the American Association of University Presses (AAUP), here comes everyone’s favorite week in November, besides that one about colonialism—just kidding, this week is, of course, de facto, the pride of November because it celebrates the prescience, diversity, and commitment to knowledge exemplified by the university press in the twenty-first century. Here’s a fine sampling of the breadth and depth offered by these presses, presented as a series of infographics, which play with the collective numbers produced by member presses from 12 nations, 41 of the United States, and 7 Canadian provinces.

From Monday, November 9th, through Friday, November 13th, in particular, you’ll be able to virtually participate in a blog tour, featuring posts from over 40 AAUP member presses. We’re up on Thursday, but in the meantime, here’s what in the horizon for the next few days:

Today, Monday, 11/9, you’ll find posts from: the University of Florida Press (on how scholarly cookbooks have changed the Sunshine State), the University Press of New England (on the serendipitous timing of their book Winning Marriage, released within days of the Supreme Court’s recent verdict), the University Press of Missouri  (on their statewide partnership and collaboration to create the “Mississippi Books” page at the Clarion Ledger), the University Press of Kentucky (coming thru with some surprising facts on AAUP presses), the University of Nebraska Press (showcasing some staff profiles), the University of California Press (on new publishing platforms), the University of Wisconsin Press (on mystery fiction and scholarly publishing), and posts by both the University of Kansas and University of Michigan Presses.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, 11/10, look for posts courtesy of: Indiana University Press (from IUP director Gary Dunham), Oxford University Press (from editorial director Sophie Goldsworthy), George Mason University Press (by Mason Publishing on the future of digital tools), University Press of Colorado (on their 50th anniversary—and what’s up ahead), a second blog from the University Press of Kansas (by director Chuck Myers), University of North Carolina Press (from director John Sherer, on the necessity of financial support), West Virginia University Press (on the value of acquisitions work in the digital age), and John Hopkins University Press (with commentary from editorial director Greg Britton).

And, for general information about this week, here follows a synopsis from the AAUP website:

The AAUP community uses the #ReadUP hashtag to highlight on social media the best of what UPs are publishing all year long. It beautifully captures what we celebrate when celebrate University Press Week: the scholarship, writing, and deep knowledge that is shared with the world through our books and publications.

During UP Week, post a #UPshelfie (a photo of your university press and AAUP member books) to Twitter with the tags #UPshelfie and #ReadUP for a chance to win one of five Surprise! University Press Week book bags! We’ve collected an exciting, but mysterious, group of surprising books and items from our members to share with 5 lucky UP-readers. (Don’t forget both tags—that’s how we’ll know you want to be included in the drawing!)

Two online panels featured during University Press Week:

Opening Access: The Reinvention of the Academic Press
A wide-ranging discussion of the future of the academic book, in tandem with Academic Book Week
November 10, 3PM Eastern

It’s Not Scary: The Art of Getting Published with a Scholarly Press
Get insight into the life of your future book, from proposal to publicity
Friday, November 13, 12PM Eastern

The UP Week Roundup      

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