Press Releases

The University of Chicago Press Welcomes the Grolier Club as a New Marketing & Distribution Client

The University of Chicago Press and the Chicago Distribution Center are excited to announce a new marketing and distribution partnership with the Grolier Club throughout the world starting January 1, 2022.

Since its founding in 1884, the Grolier Club has published or sponsored almost 500 books and exhibition catalogs—some of them now the standard references in their fields—on such subjects as photography, William Blake, Mayan writing, Albrecht Dürer’s alphabet book, and the well-known “Grolier Hundred” selections in literature, science, and medicine. Many of the publications have been printed and designed by the leading book artists and typographers of the past and present, including Theodore Low De Vinne, D. B. Updike, Bruce Rogers, Stanley Morison, Joseph Blumenthal, the Mardersteigs, and Jerry Kelly.

Eric Holzenberg, director of the Grolier Club, commented, “We at the Grolier Club are excited to be joining the group of outstanding publishers who are already working with the University of Chicago and the Chicago Distribution Center.

“We’re honored that the Grolier Club has chosen to join the Chicago Distribution Center in recognition of our continued excellence in fulfillment and distribution. We are looking forward to working with them to grow the reach and readership of their distinguished list,” commented Joseph D’Onofrio, director of the Chicago Distribution Center.

The Grolier Club joins the distinctive and expansive list of publishers from around the world that are distributed by the University of Chicago Press and the Chicago Distribution Center. View the full list of our clients on our website. As of January 1, 2022 all backlist and forthcoming titles will ship from the Chicago Distribution Center.