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Review: Nouvian, The Deep

jacket imageThe February 12 edition of Publishers Weekly had an advance review of one of this season’s most extraordinary titles from the Press, Claire Nouvian’s The Deep: The Extraordinary Creatures of the Abyss. As PW‘s prepublication review notes, The Deep takes readers on a fascinating voyage of discovery into the darkest realms of the ocean with a “stunning collection of more than 160 color photos” of some of the worlds most intriguing organisms. More from PW:

Species from as far down as four and a half miles are depicted in exquisite detail; most are mere centimeters long, though the giant squid, a timid creature despite its size, grows to almost 60 feet. Fifteen short, jargon-free essays assembled by editor and French journalist Nouvian—who became enthralled with the deep after visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium—flesh out the fantastic images with scientific fact. They dismiss the myth of deep sea monsters and describe the amazing persistence of life around hydrothermal vents and methane flues; a thoughtful glossary adds to this impressive book’s popular appeal.

We will soon have a preview of the book available.