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(Post) Summer Reading

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In his August 28 article for the New York Times, “What I did this Summer,” William Grimes mentions his plans to “spend Labor Day with a sociopath.” Grimes writes:

His name is Parker, and he lumbers through the pages of Richard Stark’s noir novels scattering dead bodies like peanut shells.
Parker is a criminal. Cold-blooded and resolute, he experiences two or three emotions in the course of a novel and employs a vocabulary of about a hundred words. In a normal hard-boiled detective novel he would be the one left dead at the end. Instead he’s always the last man standing.

And although Labor Day has come and gone don’t let that stop you from engaging in some post-summer R&R with Richard Stark’s Parker novels. Books currently available from the press include: The Hunter, The Man with the Getaway Face, and The Outfit with more on the way in future seasons.
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